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Sarah aka Assbitch aka Sar Bear aka Paleface...
IF you are the kind who notices these things, you would see that I have f-locked all my entries. Due to all the drama surrounding schools and jobs that look at facebook, myspace, lj etc, and the fact that I am currently trying to get that scholarship and my fears that they will look at this stuff, I’m locking up shop. I asked Ems to make a me a pretty “Friends Only” banner (which is why you should be friends with a graphic arts major), and am working on getting the last few entries that are public set to friends only. So all those anonymous souls who may be reading this, speak now (in which case will add you), or forever hold your peace (in which case you will miss me in all my magnificence).

Other than that I have some POTC3 stuff (including the after credits scene) here :


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Sing. Song a song....: south park